How To Buy Silver

“The world is awash in paper money. It’s a blizzard of paper money.” – Mike Maloney

Okay! I’m convinced! It’s a Silver Bull Market and I need silver because it’s going to outperform GoldSo, how do I buy Silver Bullion? …Ultimately you need PHYSICAL Silver that you can hold in your hands and store in your home or safe – that, my friends, is how buy silver!

American Silver Eagles

Silver American Eagles

First I’ll Explain How NOT To Buy Silver Bullion:

Silver ETF’s, Pool Accounts, and Silver Certificates – What Not To Buy

You don’t want mere price exposure TO the price of silver by buying exchange traded funds (ETF), pool accounts, or certificates. These are nothing more than a promise-to-deliver the metal at some future date. That’s NOT how to buy silver. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like immediate access to my physical silver!

Brand New Silver Bars and Rounds

It is widely suspected that ETF’s and certificates aren’t actually backed by any silver at all. In fact it is widely considered a scam run by commodities exchanges. And if they default on delivery of YOUR silver, you get nothing! They may be manufacturing market manipulation by lying about what they truly have.

Numismatic Coins or Collector Coins

Another form of silver you don’t need is what is termed numismatic coinage. These coins have collector value that can have high premiums over spot. Don’t let a coin dealer convince you that collector coins are a better investment because of rarity. For one, the quote will be ridiculous, two, you may never find an interested buyer and, three, when the market crashes and everybody’s coin collection comes off the shelf and into the market, your rare coin might not be so rare any more. And trust me, history shows that when markets fail, economies crumble, and currency buying power fails (as it is doing today), the price of silver and gold go skyward (appreciate in value).

This is because of inflation and simple supply and demand fundamentals – never mind the fact that, presently, we’ve literally consumed this industrial metal (silver is an industrial metal) almost completely into non-existence! All of these very scary reasons and more show that owning dollars will be VERY risky indeed. Imagine losing 100% of the value of every dollar you own… So what asset form DO I need?…


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Here’s How TO Buy Silver Bullion:

Whatever form you decide on when investing in silver, make sure it’s a purity of .999 fine silver whether buying bullion from a bullion dealer, coin shop, or Ebay.

Silver 100 oz. Bars & Silver 10 oz. Bars

Johnson Matthey 100 oz. Silver Bullion Bar

If you want 100 oz. Silver Bars, or bar bullion, (also in 10 oz Silver Bars) to preserve value, go with J.M.s (Johnson Matthey), Engelhard, Sunshine Minting, U.S. Assay, A-Mark, Silvertowne, and APMEX bars. These brands are good because they are well known and trusted and have a stamp of authenticity (and they stack well in safe!).

Bars are good because they have the narrowest bid/ask spread among bullion investments.

1 oz. Un-Circulated Government Minted Coins

American Silver Eagle Coin Front

For the best performance and ultimate safety go for the government minted coins (private mints are good too, just not AS good in my opinion). These are my favorite because when inflation takes hold, and the price of silver goes astronomical on us, these denominations will be widely trusted and much easier to unload.

Everyone and their dog will know the price of silver by the ounce and you’ll have what they need to bolster your profit margins! Already these coins are worth more than their face value and extremely liquid – it’s a hell of a hedge against inflation.

I like the 1 troy ounce Silver American Eagles and the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs the best (The American Silver Eagle is the most popular and good for new investors).

The Austrian Philharmonic Coins and the Australian Kookaburra are also nice. These are all excellent investments that you’ll have zero problems unloading into the market when the time comes.

Bags Of Junk Silver

As for Junk Silver, which, is American coins (dime, quarter, half dollar) struck before 1965 and have 90% silver content. This is good to have 1 or 2 bags of for when times are tough. You might be able to buy things like gas and groceries with them in a pinch – when you don’t want to spend your beautiful bullion. But overall, you’ll want to invest the VAST majority on the bars and coinage.

Take Delivery Of Silver

If you purchase, say, a Mint Case of American Eagles, a box of 500 coins in 25 plastic tubes of 20 coins (also known as rounds or rolls) or a Monster Box of the Silver Maples, it will be FULLY insured and will come in REGISTERED mail, which is very safe and discreet. But whatever you purchase, know that it has been done countless times in the past and is probably happening right now – somewhere somebody is opening their first BIG box of shiny sparkling SILVER!!!



Watch The Trends

Just a little tip, I’m going to sell the sheer weight or bulk of my physical holdings (stockpiles of silver and gold as investment) from my secure storage when the banks have defaulted because of the economic collapse. This could be long term (1-5 years) but I know silver will have mega strength and be performing well. Then with the earnings of my private investment, I’m going to buy real estate! I’m not saying you should but it’s a thought!

That’s the precious metals sector for ya!

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Silver American Eagles

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