How to Buy Silver Metals at the Right Time & Price


Discover how people purchase metals like gold & silver at the right time and at a good price from the market…

“The world is awash in paper money. It’s a blizzard of paper money.” – Mike Maloney

Okay! I’m convinced! It’s a Silver Bull Market and I need silver because it’s going to outperform Gold! So, how do I buy Silver Bullion? …Ultimately you need PHYSICAL Silver that you can hold in your hands and store in your home or safe.

American Silver Eagles

In addition to your rings and jewelry, the most important thing about investing in Silver Bullion is to know how NOT to make mistakes that most people commit:

What Not To Purchase – ETF’s, Pool Accounts, Certificates, and Derivatives (CFTC, HFT)

You don’t want mere price exposure TO the price of the stuff by trading exchange traded funds (ETF), pool accounts, or certificates. These are nothing more than a promise-to-deliver the metal at some future date. That’s NOT how it’s done. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like immediate access to my physical silver!

It is widely suspected that ETF’s and certificates aren’t actually backed by any silver at all. In fact it is widely considered a scam run by commodities exchanges. And if they default on delivery of YOUR silver, you get nothing! They may be manufacturing market manipulation by lying about what they truly have.

 Numismatic or Collector: Price!

Another form you don’t need is what is termed numismatic coinage. These guys have collector value that can have high premiums over spot. Don’t let a coin dealer convince you that collector coins are a better investment because of rarity. For one, the quote will be ridiculous, two, you may never find an interested buyer and, three, when the market crashes and everybody’s coin collection comes off the shelf and into the market, your rare coin might not be so rare any more. And trust me, history shows that when markets fail, economies crumble, and currency buying power fails (as it is doing today), the price of silver and gold go skyward (appreciate in value).

This is because of inflation and simple supply and demand fundamentals – never mind the fact that, presently, we’ve literally consumed this industrial metal (silver is an industrial metal) almost completely into non-existence! All of these very scary reasons and more show that owning dollars will be VERY risky indeed. Imagine losing 100% of the value of every dollar you own… So what asset form DO I need?…


Here’s How TO Buy Silver Bullion:

Whatever form you decide on when investing in silver, make sure it’s a purity element of .999 fine whether buying bullion from a bullion dealer, coin shop, or Ebay.

Silver 100 oz. Bars & Silver 10 oz. Bars

Johnson Matthey 100 oz. Silver Bullion Bar

Learn how to buy gold & silver

If you want 100 ounce Bars, or bar bullion, (also in 10 oz Silver Bars) to preserve value, go with J.M.s (Johnson Matthey), Engelhard, Sunshine Minting, U.S. Assay, A-Mark, Silvertowne, and APMEX bars. These related brands are good because they are well known and trusted and have a stamp of authenticity (and they stack well in a safe along with your jewelry & wealth!).

Bars are good because they have the narrowest bid/ask spread among bullion investments.

1 ounce Un-Circulated Government Minted Coins

American Silver Eagle Coin Front


For the best performance and ultimate safety go for the government minted coins (private mints are good too, just not AS good in my opinion). These are my favorite because under objective investigation, when inflation takes hold, and the price of silver goes astronomical on us, these denominations will be widely trusted and much easier to unload.


Everyone and their dog in all countries will know the price of silver by the ounce and you’ll have what they need to bolster your profit margins! Already these guys are worth more than their face value and extremely liquid – it’s a hell of a hedge against inflation. Hopefully this rings true at this time!

American Silver Eagle Coin Back

I prefer the price of 1 troy ounce Silver American Eagles and the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs the best (The American Silver Eagle is the most popular and good for new investors).

The Austrian Philharmonic and the Australian Kookaburra are also nice. These are all excellent investments that you’ll have zero problems unloading into the market when the time comes.

Bags Of Junk Silver – Precious Prices!

Bag of Junk Silver

As for Junk Silver (dime, quarter, half dollar) struck before 1965 and have 90% silver content. This is good to have 1 or 2 bags of for when times are tough. You might be able to purchase things like gas and groceries with them in a pinch – when you don’t want to spend your beautiful bullion. But overall, you’ll want to invest the enormous majority on the bars and coinage.

Silver Eagle Coins Mint Case (500 1-oz. coins)

Learn how to purchase ounces and ounces of gold & silver

If you purchase, say, a Mint Case of American Eagles, a box of 500 in a lot of 25 plastic tubes of 20 (also known as rounds or rolls) or a Monster Box of the Silver Maples, it will be FULLY insured and will come in REGISTERED mail, which is very safe and discreet. But whatever you purchase, know that it has been done countless times in the past and is probably happening right now – somewhere somebody is opening their first BIG box of shiny sparkling metals!!! Smart people do smart things! Keep their jewelry and rings in short.

Look at the Public Trends

Just a little financial tip I hope rings true, I’m going to sell the sheer weight or bulk of my physical silver holdings (stockpiles of metals like gold as investment) from my secure storage when the banks have defaulted because of the economic collapse. This could be long term (1-5 years) but I know silver will have mega strength and be performing well. Then with the earnings of my private investment, I’m going to invest in real estate when prices are dropped! I’m not saying you should but it’s a thought!

That’s the precious metals sector for you esteemed people!

And just a tip: Don’t sell your jewelry and rings not because of fashion!

24 thoughts on “How to Buy Silver Metals at the Right Time & Price

  1. Costner

    Hey, thanks for the awesome guidelines about how to buy silver. I was going to buy gold but silver looks pretty good.

  2. Don

    why do canadian 1 oz silver coins sell for more than American silver eagle coins with 1 oz of silver?

  3. admin Post author

    @Don it depends where you buy from. Sometimes it’s the other way around!

  4. nobodyatall

    Here is what the big names in silver have been saying for years. SILVER is SILVER. In times of crisis your 999 silver maple leaf will SPEND just as well as my 999 silver coin with santa on the face. Buy your silver coins as close to SPOT PRICE as you can. And one last note of importance—— HURRY UP. The time left to buy silver may be ending as supplies dwindle and the economies of this world close down around us. A N D——-GOT DRIED STORABLE FOOD YET??? HURRY HURRY HURRY!!!!!! Your family will be looking to YOU for help. Do it NOW.

  5. Kruger rand

    What can I say. I do like the sight of Gold, specially gold coins such as Mexican Gold Libertad but also Australian Lunar goldcoins espcecially Rabbit and dont forget Canadas Maple Leaf gold coins and Australia Gold Nugget

  6. Gold Investing Expert

    Interesting article

    I know how profitable gold investing can be. My brother made really good money doing just that, and myself I am making good money investing in gold.

    I recommend to anyone who’s thinking of starting to invest in gold to read a book or two on this topic, as there so many mistakes and blunders that are possible to make when you first start in this industry.

    Thank you for sharing this with your us.

  7. Luis

    Hi, I bought 569 silver eagles back in 26th Sep 2008 at a unit price of 18.55 USD. I found out that the spot price on that date was around 13 to 13.5 USD/oz, I am planning to buy more gold and silver from the same dealer in Boca Raton but I believe, in my opinion, that the premium they charged me at that time was extremely high, 5 dollars…

    What do you think about it? These people have been around for many years and I thought they were fair.

    Thanks in advance for your opinion.

  8. Mr. Silver AG

    we are already passing $33 ! growing instability in the world is only leading to higher and higher gold and silver prices.

  9. Shrek

    Hi Luis,
    I think $5 premium is pretty high. Normally they earn roughly about 10 to 15% from the spot price. I suggest that you do some research for new dealers. By the way, where are you from?

    It’s great that you bought 3yrs ago. I wish I started 3yrs ago.

  10. JON

    Hi, I pay 40.43 per oz the spot price was 37.18 I think was a good investment , I will still buying 2 oz of silver every week for the rest of my life.

  11. steve

    >I want to know were can i start to invest in buying silver
    safe with out getting ripped off i dont have any knowledge of this i really need help.

  12. Travis

    I was wondering how much that IG markets cost to use i want to buy silver im just starting out and is it crutal to use this program or can i just buy it all at a dealer and sell it there as well???

  13. Shrek

    It has surpassed $44. Do u think it will come down? What is the support price if it comes down and when is it? Anyone has an idea where to get a long term chart for this? Any 2cents?

  14. tania

    Bought two 1 troy oz silver coins from Ebay today. I live in a small area with only two coin shops which deal more in collectible currency, so i was quite disappointed with the selection of silver and gold bullion rounds and bars, BUT, in the end i figure the value in the weight is the same if its a generic bar/round or an art bar/round. I paid $38.00 at the store, and will not pay more than $42 on ebay including shipping. I looked online at Apmex, Sunshine Mint and others but found the prices after shipping were too high when buying in small quantities. I lost $10,000 between an IRA and 401k a few years ago…wish back then i would have used that money to buy bullions. i’m no longer putting $$$ into my 401k and will start buying rounds/bars every paycheck.

  15. johnny

    The only question is how much more paper money can be printed? Sooner or later we will all go back to ‘real’ money – no two questions about it.

  16. bo jackson

    How about also having some guns around, why have silver when you can just take it with weaponry? Sounds good to me, lol

  17. Ziggy

    Its August, 2011 and silver is at $39.01 per oz. It has been moving around a lot. Gold is over $1,700.

    I’ve decided to invest in silver – more affordable, altho seems more volatile in the market, but I think its a good hedge and a good place to start.

    I have noticed the several online bullion dealers are having trouble delivering silver. For example, it will show the coinage or bar available, but then delivery is a month later.

    Tells me silver is getting in short supply. I’d rather buy gold, but not at today’s price.

  18. mark manchester

    i currently am buying silver 90% silver u.s. coins from an older man i know. his wife has worked at a small town bank for 30 years. she would give dollar for dollar ,so he can pass me down coins really really cheap. then after aquiring a good amount i send them to a smelter who refines them into .999 silver bars. it costs me know money just a little silver, they are fast and im stacking silver bars fast. any more suggestions.

  19. Sandra

    I bought from Provident. Quick shipping but some items not in as good of condition. The silver bullet bar was scratched on front and back. Morgan dimes listed as being in good condition were not, features not even visible on a few. They charge tax where APMEX does not but APMEX shipping is too high plus their prices are higher. When comparing those two dealers, pricing is close because of tax with Provident. Looking for an alternative to buy from but all in all, Provident is quick to ship and all my other items were in very good condition.

  20. Qazi Osaid

    Washington Quarter Junk Silver Coins: Washington quarters consist of 90% silver bullion and are valued strictly on their metal content. Serving as everyday currency until 1965…

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