Fall Of The Republic – Movie

Fall Of The Republic DVD Cover

Fall Of The Republic
(give it plenty of time to load – its high definition – or just play the Youtube video that is below)

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Alex Jones - Radio Broadcaster and Film Maker


2 thoughts on “Fall Of The Republic – Movie

  1. Anelisa: Renata Hunter, Mrs.

    Falling like the leaves in a beautiful fall day in Ohio and all over our land. Yet, to see our republic falling is ugly! America was our last best hope in the world, hopeless? Hope not! Remote chance for a renaissance. Europeans and others throughout the world left everything to make their dreams real and came to our country. The Statue of Liberty is magical. So many dreams came through for so many but a nightmare for so many now. America was, is, and will always be special since it is the world. We must catch it and let it live and be strong again. GOD BLESS AMERICA..

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