Economic Collapse 2013

What You Need To Know To Survive the Economic Collapse of 2013:


The world currency collapse will occur in 2013. If not fully, then in large part. It’s serious and needs our undivided attention.

‘The Economic Collapse 2013′ Top 10 Survival List Below…

But before I begin my blog post on the economy collapse, just 1 caveat:

To survive the Financial Collapse 2013, there really is one thing, if we do NO OTHER THING, that will save our butts. If we decide to pick up some Precious Metals (SILVER) for the coming collapse, we will be WAAAAY better off then had we allowed the systematic inflation to silently steal our wealth without ever showing a transaction on our bank statements. We’ll need proper Survival Planning but beyond anything else, any other message here on this site, I want you to really think about and contemplate and RESEARCH what this means, what I am saying. Please commit to doing that.

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The economy IS in dire straights. The system we rely on for food, shelter, safety IS VERY FRAGILE. The world’s socio-economic state is EXTREMELY volatile right now. And now more than ever we are on the verge of having everything we’ve known and trusted be taken out from under us by the powers the be.

That is why it is SO CRUCIAL we learn how to fend for ourselves and get prepared for the unknown so we can be okay when everything else is not.

My good friend Dave, the “full on survival expert”, has created a survival course called, “Survive In Place” survival manual. It  is just, hands down, the best manual I’ve come across out there to help each of us survive literally any crisis we could face.

It has short and easy to digest “written and audio” modules that contain nothing but meat and are complete and thorough.
Each module has a practical application you can practice to get prepared.
Every lesson builds on the previous ones. And Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable.

The great thing is that the manual is backed by a 100% FULL satisfaction guarantee.  So, if for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, you just send Dave a personal email any time after 60 days for a full prompt refund. I happen to know for a fact that Dave stands behind this 6000%!

With absolutely nothing to lose, this Survival Guide is a no brainer. Look at it right now and save yourself a LOT of hassle:

Survive Anything Survival Guide

You will be glad you checked it out.


Now, on buying Precious Metals (especially SILVER)…

If you did nothing else this would be the 1 thing that could literally save you in deadly times ahead. And I’m deadly serious about it – take it from me, I’ve done hundreds of hours of research on this one topic and I encourage you to do the same so you know what I know.

I have one video to explain what silver can do for you and then the top 10 list of things you need to do in order to be prepared for the worst further down the page…

Protect Your Wealth – Learn About Precious Metals

Lean More About Silver And Gold Investing


Can we Survive an all out Financial Collapse in 2013?

We can as long as we take this moment to educate ourselves about community, survival techniques, food and water storage, and silver.

The economic collapse (that being the entire collapse of our whole financial system) can be considered an event in its own right BUT the collective survival of that event would be an even greater event in my opinion.

However, global prosperity during the “economic collapse” event from a global standpoint will not occur. It cannot. Let me illustrate.

In fact the crisis itself will be picking up major steam in 2010 but the collapse may not be complete until late 2013. In the event of, say, total Economic Collapse 2013, here’s what we would have to accomplish to prevail:

  1. Majority global awakening to the corruption and the takeover of our economy, politics, and sovereignty
  2. Banding together and forming masse protests against the government, the global elite, and the corporate and banking interests (the new world order) and
  3. The deconstruction of that elite and a rebuilding of society based on basic human rights of freedom and the liberty to pursue happiness (and WITHOUT national debt, war, martial law, the federal reserve bank, hyperinflation, foreign debt, bailouts, etc…)

In the case this doesn’t happen so succinctly, there may still be lot’s we can do…

The beauty is, it can happen on a personal level, a family level, a neighborhood level, a community level and so on. This is what we must be aiming for. It will become imperative for survival that we turn off our TV’s and stop eating what the mainstream media is feeding us.

Is The System Too Big Too Fail? Economic Collapse Survival 2010

To survive the “economic collapse 2013”, we are going to have to initiate friendships with our neighbors, develop and maintain the relationships we already have with our families and friends so that we might benefit from the support of each other. People who network are going to have a far better survival rate.

There is no survival without this community support in dire times. One might make it alone but the likelihood is slim to none and very undesirable. We need each other. We need a survival list for our preparations.

Here are a few points of necessity for survival with respect to preparation and community building in this economic crisis. This will be your economic collapse survival guide as you prepare for disaster…


Top 10 Things To Do To Survive The Economic Collapse 2013

1.     Buying bullion like silver and gold in order to protect your own wealth is very wise. This should always be the case in economic survival scenarios where there is a crisis in the economy. While you are securing your position in precious metals, encourage your community to do so also. For, you will need a community that, not only has preserved it’s wealth, but is also able to maintain and preserve its liberty by not becoming dependent on the powers that would wish us ‘destitute and needy’ in order to establish its control and domination over us. I’ve heard from the highest sources that investing in silver in these unprecedented times will be THEE number 1 way to protect you and your family from total financial ruin – learn how to buy silver. And Silver is too cheap to pass up right now. I highly recommend getting some now, even if only a few coins for now, while the getting remains good. Make sure you know WHICH FORMS of silver to get. You don’t want to buy a bunch of silver only to find that, in that critical moment, it isn’t going to help you like you expected it to.

2.     Survival of Economic Collapse 2013 also dictates that we get educated, update our education, and help to educate others in our community about what can be done to get through it.Purchase survivalist books and guides (survival manuals). Keep this an ongoing project. In the great depression – community living was the key to survival. This will be the next great depression… but worse. Much worse.

3.     Have a store of food rations for at least a year for yourself, your family, and your community if possible. Obviously take care of your family first but in the meantime, get out there in the community and help people wake up to the importance of getting prepared with non-perishable products (store-able food for food storage).This is where education comes in useful; an uneducated person will continue down the same path. An enlightened individual will make informed decisions during an emergency.

4.     Keep being a beacon of light to your community. Find and share information: books, movies (video and DVDs, YouTube videos), websites, political forums, newsletters. You have a great resource in the movies section of this blog.

5.     We must awaken to the global tyranny that is robbing us of our wealth and freedom. The inflation you are dealing with is a direct result of this tyranny – it steals our wealth and then our freedom. And in order to survive it and stop it, we must purchase silver. I know I hammer this point but it is that important. Let me paint a quick picture: The value of the dollar goes to zero. The middle class is robbed of their wealth. Society stops with all it’s functions: electricity, transportation, food shipment, etc… During this time people will be desperate and if you are not prepared, you’ll be one of ‘em. This will be a harsh time, temporary, but harsh. And the best way to avoid it is buy cheap silver and sell high. (HINT: when everybody and their dog wants silver and everybody knows how rare it is and it is at least $1000 per ounce, and there are line ups outside of coin shops, and there is none to be found anywhere, that’s when you, because YOU already HAVE your holdings, sell it all and buy real estate)

6.     Get your survival gear in order – NOW. Disaster preparedness demands it. You can see a list of stuff you need in my Bug Out Bag article in the article section of this blog.

7.     Be a good survivalist: Find a viable source of non-polluted water for your community. Without it you will die of thirst. This is an important criteria in survivalism as you may well be aware of but have you found one? Does your neighbor know where to get good clean water? What’s your plan? You must have this in place before the poverty in America and the world reaches its climax. Know in advance.

Survive The Coming Food Shortage

8.     Get seeds for gardening – better yet, find a gardener in your community and make friends! Create mutually beneficial exchanges. Like, you provide the gardening space and the seeds in exchange for all the veggies you and they can eat.This is great security! (look into homesteading) Essentially, whatever skills you have, see if they would be useful in a survivalistic, self sufficient, community based scenario. If not, get seeds, lots of ‘em and I guarantee, in exchange for them, your community will take care of you.

9.     Get an alternative energy source: solar power is a great one… and below is a link (click the banner just below) to see a VIDEO that explains how to get free energy from existing radio waves in the air… Think of the long term advantages. You may not need electricity but it can be very useful. AM/FM radios, lights, refrigeration, computers, etc…

10.     Think of your safety. Self defense might come into play. Just something to think about. I care about the safety and welfare of my family and so this is one piece of the puzzle.

Survival of the Economic Collapse 2013 will require you to have your plan in action ahead of time. That means right now. Get your wealth put into precious metals. “IT’S THE ONLY MONEY YOU CAN RELY ON”. I cannot be any more clear than that. Consider the dollar as DEAD to you! (Remember the German Weimar? How it went to zero? This is no different. Actually it is because this time it’s global) Survival during Economic Collapse 2013 can be a reality if you choose to act now while there is still time. If yu don’t think this is happening, you better thing again. And again after that and wake up to the severity of it.

Now, I understand that some people don’t have a lot of money to invest in silver with. And for that reason, I’m providing a resource that can help you actually build up your Silver Eagle collection over time in this serious time of economic crisis. I don’t recommend that this be your only source of silver but it is a good one in addition to your regular purchases. It won’t be for everybody but for those of you who are looking for a fun and cheap way to get started and get some silver, this is a great resource that I myself am enjoying.

There is no greater feeling, when it comes to financial security, than knowing you got a nice stack of silver to offset any inflationary effects of the current economic meltdown. Knowing you’ll be safe from losing your wealth or your home, being 100% ready for the death of the dollar. Silver has increased in price over 300% in the last 5 years. It is important to know that, because of the demise of the dollar and the inevitable rise in inflation, having silver now, guarantees that you will be able to cash in BIG TIME in the not too distant future.

Watch this 2 part Video series for other very practical ways to get stocked up and prepared for the financial collapse of 2013:

WATCH this next video to learn the economic principles of surviving the total collapse of our economic system (INVESTMENTS):

There is absolutely no better feeling once you have begun the process of owning your very own physical SILVER that you can touch and hold. And you really don’t have to start with spending a whole lot right off the bat. Just start small (2 coins even!) if you need to and build from there. It’s very addicting! LOL. And it’s FUN receiving Silver on a regular basis.

The nice thing is, it can really add up and before you know it, you’ll be sitting on a big ol’ stockpile of Silver coins. Please check out the link above if this message resonates with you.

Suggested home emergency supply list…

Copy and paste it onto a clean Word document and print it out and complete the checklist:

Cooking and Cooking Supplies

❏ Camping Stove

❏ Extra fuel supply for stove (and matches!)

❏ Thick aluminum foil

❏ Complete dinner ware for whole family (plates, knives, forks, etc..)

❏ Minimum 2 pots with lids

❏ whistling kettle for boiling water

❏ Various utensils: 2 large spoons, spatula, tongs, knives, long necked forks

❏ Paper towels, oven mitts, paper towels

❏ A couple frying pans

❏ Paper plates for at least 2 weeks

❏ Portable water filter and some water purification tablets

❏ Cooking oil (make sure this doesn’t get rancid)

Tools and things

❏ Axe, shovel, hand saw

❏ Broom with dust-pan

❏ Hammer, some nails, pry-bar, screw-drivers

❏ 2 adjustable wrenches (one big, one small)

❏ Heavy gardening gloves

❏ Vice grips baby! (I love vice grips) and pliers (needle-nose and others)

❏ 100 feet of 1/4″ rope (1/2″ is good too – or both is better!)

❏ Duct tape (obviously :)

❏ Pen, pencil, pad (of paper)

❏ Camping lantern with extra fuel

❏ Cards, games, entertainment

Survival Gear

❏ Water: Important! one gallon per day per person

❏ First Aid kit with guide

❏ Food: Light weight, high nutrient content

❏ Manual can-opener

❏ Portable Radio: with extra batteries or get one that is crank powered

❏ Flashlights: have one per person with extra batteries or mechanically powered

❏ Medications (3 month’s supply)

❏ Fire-extinguisher

❏ Timepiece (watch and/or alarm clock)

❏ Don’t forget to provide food for your pets!

❏ Blankets! space blankets, sleeping bags, ground cloth, etc.. Must stay warm :)

❏ Himalean rock salt (lots of minerals in it) and your vitamins (rotate these every 3 months)

❏ Tent and/or shelter cover

❏ Candles, waterproof matches, fire starter

❏ Heavy-duty knife

Car/Bug-Out Bag

❏ Bottled water and canteen with water (storing in glass bottles is WAAAAAY better if you can)

❏ First Aid kit, including a FA guide

❏ Non perishable foodstuff

❏ A couple space blankets and sleeping bags

❏ Rain gear

❏ Sturdy boots and extra warm socks

❏ Extra sunglasses

❏ Change of clothes

❏ Pre-moistened towelettes

❏ Have gloves, a good warm hat and sun hat, a coat, and a sweater

❏ DO NOT FORGET your flash light with some extra batteries

❏ Basic set of tools, a rubber hose, a hammer and a pry-bar

❏ Portable fire-extinguisher

❏ Road-flares and maps

❏ Pad and pencil

❏ Money (oh ya, you never thought of that didja :)

Sanitation Gear

❏ Portable chemical-toilet

❏ Toilet paper (very important)

❏ Baby supplies if you have a baby

❏ Heavy duty garbage bags (so useful)

❏ Hand and dish soap

❏ Disinfectant: powder form to use on waste and hand sanitiser

❏ Pre-moistened towelettes

❏ Two 5 gallon buckets

❏ Large towel and hand towel per person

❏ Tooth brushes and floss

❏ Shampoo and toothpaste

❏ Medium size zip-lock bags for many uses

❏ Scrub brushes and pads for washing dishes

❏ 2 plastic wash tubs (for dishes and other uses)

132 thoughts on “Economic Collapse 2013

  1. Perigreno


    I couldn’t agree with your statements more. Your viewpoints are flawless.

  2. Will

    I don’t have alot of survival supplies but I do have some. Mostly I need more food. My question is why do I read so much on these sites about getting out of debt? When the economic collapse happens it will most likely be followed by social collapse and then a reset after a period of time. With people just trying to survive why would anyone care about debt? I don’t think the banks or the government is going to come looking for people who are not able to make payments on their debt when the whole country is imploding. Am I missing something?

  3. plenty o. teepee

    U.S. seems to slide out of economic collapse time and time again, will this time be different? Always finds another economic scam to play out, maybe it will find another yet.

  4. Cosmo

    I have looked through A LOT of survival info out there and many are awesome. But it’s like this:

    If the guide or course does not thoroughly explain how to set up in all situations, it’s as if you aren’t prepared at all.

    Imagine being totally stocked up at home but being at the mall when disaster strikes!

    This free survival mini-course is a lead in to the best course I’ve ever taken and I highly recommend it to everyone I meet.

  5. Mike Sanders

    I have been following this whole financial problem in the United States in relation to Bible prophecy. I read several articles that point to the US not being involved in the End Time events. One article refers to the upcoming events that will happen in the next year:

    Out of all the prophecies in the Bible, all have been precise and happened exactly as foretold.

    From Forbes Magazine:

    Muslim Prophecy

    forbes magazine link

    “Is Barack Obama the ‘promised warrior’ coming to help the Hidden Imam of Shiite Muslims conquer the world?” asked columnist Amir Taheri in Forbes. “The question has made the rounds in Iran since last month, when a pro-government website published a Hadith (or tradition) from a Shiite text of the 17th century. The tradition comes from Bahar al-Anvar (meaning Oceans of Light) by Mullah Majlisi, a magnum opus in 132 volumes and the basis of modern Shiite Islam.

    “According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a ‘tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.’ Commanding ‘the strongest army on earth,’ the new ruler in the West will carry ‘a clear sign’ from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: ‘Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.’”

    The Khomeinist establishment in Iran sees Obama’s rise as another sign of the West’s decline and the triumph of Islam and the return of the Mahdi.

  6. martin

    When saying that precius metals is the way to go in a total economic collapse it is implied that the collapse is not total. Precious metals is also a sort of currency and there are no rule that it cannot loose its value or most of it just because it never happend. In a total collapse, life sustaining neccesities is what will have value.

  7. Thomas

    My great grand mother in the 20′s (in Austria) needed more money, sold her house, next day hyper inflation hit and she could only buy 1 loaf of bread for the value of the house.

    suggestion, keep your house. hopefully you have locked in fixed interest rate. this will survive hyper inflation. may you will be able to pay off your house during that time.

    …just a thought.

    and regarding safety and riots… military took over power and controlled major check points in Austria at that time. live rural, all good and fine, but how realistic is that for you? you need people around you. being alone is not always best.

    the most important thing was not mentioned here a lot, pray and humble yourself before GOD. He is the only one that can prevail and help us to live free and in safety. And I believe in His miracles and his support.

    And in my opinion, it is also my suggestion to you, whatever happens, it is not going to be a bad thing. There are always new opportunities arising every time one thing or period ends or closes down. this is the fun part in life, we can remember always Tom Hanks in “forest gump”, life is like a box of chocolate.

    I thank my God for all up’s and down’s. They are a reminder to pray to Him always.

    God’s Speed.


  8. char

    I am in Canada and am not convinced that a world wide economic collapse is inevitable, but things are not looking good as I write this. The community I live in has a long history of helping each other in hard times. I worry less about defending myself than surviving a natural disaster or having food/water be inaccessible. I have started stocking up canned food and bottled water little by little. I am also buying camping supplies and have convinced my husband to start camping as a recreational activity with the ulterior motive of learning to live with less and surviving a disaster situation. We also joined a farming co-op . If things went really bad, a few chickens and a goat could help a lot. Also hunting and fishing. Being a vegetarian will be huge help. I agree with whoever said all we really need is food, water and shelter ( I am done propagating lol). That said, I have slowly built up a very tiny solar system that will power my cell phone and laptop. As for the people who had were disabled or had were in charge of people with disabilities, you would be surprised what you are capable of if you need to be. Do what you can to prepare and get yourself and your loved ones as healthy as you can. Learn about natural remedies. I have arthritis but have recently lost 22 pounds and counting. I truly believe that is a great way to prepare all the way around if you need to lose weight. I am an optimist and a survivor , I believe there are huge changes coming both economically and physical changes in the earth but ultimately the world will be a better healthier place for all of us to live. Our lives will be radically different but we will be much happier and so will the planet. I think we are going back to more local living but with global communications. I am not looking forward to the shake up but am looking forward for the end result. A more simple way of life that has us “living lightly on the earth”.

  9. kevin

    Your all forgetting the most critical necessity of all and that is faith in Jesus Christ. trust in God and invoke His protection through prayer, otherwise you probably will succumb to some unfortunate tragedy during such times. You can prepare and try to save your life but eventually you will die either by the sword or the slow decay of time, but your souls will live forever either with God in Heaven or in Hell w/ Satan. Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and all else will be given to you.Matthew 6:33 Be not afraid!

  10. kevin

    Whosoever shall seek to save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose it, shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 Harsh reality but the truth never the less.

  11. kevin

    This may also be a time to good toward one who is in need. Sharing with others who need food or water or other necessities. If someone where to approach your house looking for these things would you whip out your semi-auto and start shooting or would you listen and provide for them what they need? Put yourself in the shoes of those who may approach you for assistance, rather than hoarding for yourselves. It is charity that will change the face of the society and defeat evil and it starts with you. I am not judging people intentions but it deserves some thought.

  12. young prepper

    I luv these comments!!!!! i just hope i can collect the supplies needed before the collapse thanx all loved smittys ideas to.havin the trailer and everything

  13. southern patriot

    Thanks for some great idea’s on how to survive what ever is coming down the road. For me and my family we’re doing what we can to protect our family and doing our best “to be Prepared” I can not vision a time when we will just give up and not try to protect our family and help who we can. We have a medically involved family member and find that bugging out is going to be really hard. Yes if the water starts to rise we will have to get out of dodge. I think that people will go back to a system of bartering, so old junk coins can be exchanged for goods and service. anyway the best to everyone and thanks for letting me have my say. God bless America. Southern Patriot

  14. Candace

    I have a 1 year old, I’ve downloaded survival manuals and got a small stock of food and water but only for a few days. I live in an apartment, but I’m not impoverished, my husband is in the Navy, I’m assuming that if this happens I won’t have him because he will either be called on to go to war or to control the masses, I haven’t been trained in anything, I don’t know how to hunt nor do I own a gun, but I’m thinking of getting one now. My husband would think I was crazy if I started spending all of our money on camping and hunting equipment and I don’t know how to explain all of this to him so that he could understand, he thinks everything will be fine. I’m a strong person mentally and can be innovative when I need to be, but I’m not sure that I would be able to take care of a baby in the woods, what should someone like me do when this happens, I want to protect my child at all costs. How am I supposed to do this? Or are we just doomed?

  15. Taking it one day at a time

    I don’t understand. Who would even want to continue living should all of this ever take place? If my son couldn’t get his insulin I would die of grief anyway. No one knows what is going to happen from day-to-day ever. Maybe a giant meteor will wipe us all out. Just enjoy each day as it comes. Also, I don’t believe that Jesus ever said in the Bible “every man for himself”.

  16. william

    Prepping means primarily financially prepping yourself. The odds riots in the streets or societal breakdown are nil.

    That said, moderate physical gold positions are good. Keep cash for stocks when priced right. Standard blue chips with decent dividends are not going anywhere.

    Otherwise, tap your 401K for cash before Congress loots it. Get some land. Learn how to garden, process meat. Ideally find a rural community within commuting distance to an urban location for work. Make connections in the community, participate. Rural towns really do help each other, but they have to know you.

    A .22LR, a shotgun, 10 acres, and a handpump well are all you really need to feed yourself. If you think you need firearms for self defense then you picked the wrong place to like and are sunk.

  17. El magnifico

    I have been through natural disasters (Loma Prieta Earthquake) and have seen how thin the veneer of civilization really is. Total disregard for others is the first to surface. It’s like yelling “fire” in a movie theatre. Panic ensues. Those that are unprepared (emotionally as well as personally) will be the first to succumb.
    It took me 2 hours to get home after the earthquake. It was pitch black, sirens wailing, smell of gas everywhere, fires in the distance, people driving madly, people running into stores and looting… When I rounded the corner of my neighborhood, I saw my house with lights on and 4 cars parked in front. My friends had all mad a beeline for my house. My roomate had fired up the generator and everyone was drinking Jack Daniels at my bar. It pays to have a friend who is a avid outdoorsman, camper, hunter, fisherman and a 2 weeks supply of food and booze, guns, a generator, surgical kit, and medical supplies. A neigbor sustained a deep cut that required stitiches, another neighbor, a nurse was attending her. I offered my medkit and she was stiched up and drinking a beer at the same time. Help friends and neighbors, it will payoff in the long run.

  18. Lavaman

    Hi I currently live with my parents because im underageand I am aware of this disaster but I can’t convince them to stock up on food water OR silver. Plz help

  19. tom baxter

    Most of this network with your neighbour ideology is noble and good but it is suicide in practice. No one I ever showed the facts to, showed my PM’s and preps to ever got it. They were drones, worker bees in the system and all I achieved was to expose myself and the fact that I prepared to dozens of people who are not prepared.
    For 2 years now I have been undoing my mistake and telling these same good folk how I have been eating through my food stores (because they are going bad) and selling my PM’s before the bubble pops. I tell them I’m buying mining shares but only if they ask.

  20. Jamey

    I am a vet and a father of a new one year old child and a 8yr running faithful husband and I for some time have been tossing around the idea of stocking up food but my limited middle class budget doesent allow much room for extras like being in the negatives each month. I must say I am one of those people who was young and nieve and fell for the yeah you can aford this house on your budget. well I didnt see the loss in income when I lost a job and the wife got pregnant and she lost her job at the local relastate agency due to the housing crash. But all and all we are still making it ok. Thanks to the lord. Ok so thats my situation so enough about me I was wondering if any one had any info on the basics of starting to prepare like a grocery list on a supply list. I was taught at a very young age how to hunt and fish and sow and care for a garden thanks to my loving grandfather who @ 87 still does these thing on a dayly basis. I have a garden every spring and the early part of fall. and I try to hunt and fish as much as I have time for but with a little baby around it is not so easy. I live in a town in florida that is surrounded by militay and people and not much land to hunt on. but my thing is I have only the food in my pantry and the silver in my safe and the ammo in my drawer and not much of any of it I might add. I do have some land In the state of arkansa but I hardly ever get to see it or let alone think about building safe house or refuge for my family there. I live to far away for one thing and I know that sounds like an excuse but Its really hard for me to set a side time and money to go any where other than work and to the store. I was wondering if there was an economical collapse how would living in the middle of a bunch of military beneft or hurt me if I where to leave to go to my property to live out my days so to speak how hard is it going to be to barter for food and gas to get to my destination and once there I have no home or electricity or plumming so I would have to start from scratch and build a home the old fashioned way. which may not be such a bad thing I could stand to loss a few pounds. But do you know how long it takes a log to cure so you can build a house like a year. thats a long time to live in a car or a tent if the tent last that long. I have springs on that property but I have the faintes clue on how to pipe that water to a tank for storage or use. My main concern is taking care of my child and making sure they get to live a life with out being in fear of there fellow man but I am afraid that there life will be a lot harder than I can imagine. I hope for our countrys sake that we come out of this mess a stronger more cristian based contry. Like our Fathers so long ago intended it to be. some where we lost our way and I am afraid we will have to reap what we have sown as a super power.

  21. Mike

    Just a quick add; Get guns in the same cal. My suggestions would be 5.56, .22, 9mm, 12 guage. These are cheap and very easy to find.

    Oh and tarps and Duct tape

  22. eric slezak

    thank you , i wish i could discuss this with my family. I’VE been canning meats hell i even put pinto beans and rice in ball jars then put in a pressure cooker. it will stay good forever. buy bullits and i mean a shit load, people will be trying steel what ever you have . not just you’r food. Iwish you were on my team. if you get to texas you can be . I have land with a water supply. and for god sakes don’t buy monsanto seeds, they will not reproduce ever againe if you did’nt already no this please reaserch these assholes. via con dios my friend.

  23. Mary Kay

    First of all, prepare spiritually. When the economy collapses you WILL need the comfort of faith. Your mental and spiritual health will guide all your steps. Many will crumble mentally as we will have never known this level of crisis. Learn what coping skills work best for you. Some may pray or walk or relax with a book, etc., find a way to calm yourself on a day to day basis. Practice these skills now to make them your tools in crisis.
    Find like minded friends and work together with them preparing.
    Of course we all know a year minimum of food, including NON-hybrid seeds, a PLAN for a permanant water supply. Guns, too much ammo, silver and gold. These are the four G’s, God, groceries, guns and gold.
    It is extremely important that you learn survival skills in the event that we lose electricity. Learn how to cook without an oven, how to protect yourself, how to treat yourself if a hospital is not an option, etc.. Spend 5 hours a week watching “how to” youtubes, write down what you have learned and keep a notebook of it.
    Question everything. Do not trust this fascist govt..
    Yes she’s a beautiful anchorwoman but she’s probably lying to you! That includes Fox News. Television is one of your worst enemies, they can make good appear evil and evil appear good. Turn it off.
    Remember the govt. is the enemy of your savings.
    For more info. on a complete guide to preparing go to,
    Mary Kay

  24. Josh

    Dude! You are going to die with that advise! Population centers, what you call communities are going to be over run with crime, violence, anarchy, murder, etc. When people become desperate they WILL become violent. Money? Really? Good luck outrunning that luny neighbor that just ran out of food and is toting an AK 47 while trying to find a place to cash in your coins!

  25. Jesse

    Okay, I finally get it now. This is fantasy role playing. D & D for wannabe manly men. That’s good, I almost thought shtf was for real. Here we are two years later with the same bs. Can’t you add something new, change it up a little, this is getting old. You all have computers, try call of duty, or something fun.

    However, if you really do think this is real, you are why they have prisons, for people who look for the tiniest excuse to open fire in a crowded movie theater.

  26. Saber

    You’re either not very bright, or you’re very foolish and gullible, as well as uneducated as to what is going to happen to the global economy. A total collapse is a forgone conclusion. Even Bernanke is admitting it as much as his ego will allow.
    Jesse… it is going to happen and you need to prepare!!! What are you going to do if you’re sitting in moms basement in the middle of a call of duty marathon when the lights go out? You try to get to the store, and there’s no food because all the looters beat you there?
    Theres alot of really good advise here… you might consider taking it more to heart and be at least a little prepared. Even just a bug out bag with 2 weeks of supplies.

    It WILL happen… where will you be???

    Better safe than sorry

  27. Robin

    I am a “prepper” and have been for some time so I would like to share a couple of realistic facts…
    1. Home canned food DOES NOT last forever. Additionally you have to cook the food before you eat it for safety. Please do your research. Canning is not hard but know your shelf life. Commercially canned foods will last longer since they are processed differently and at a much higher heat plus you do not have to cook before eating.
    2. Learn the basics!! know how to start a fire and sanitize water. Know how to cook over a fire. Know how to live in your home without utilities.
    3. Don’t assume wild game will be readily available. It usually takes a lot of work to get meat.
    4. Know first aid… a great book for first aid and a lot more is Survival Handbook for any climate in any situation by Jon Wiseman. This book has a lot of very practical info. It offers more than just a band aid approach to many emergency situations. It has a great section on edible plants. Tons of How tos and valuable information.
    5. Here is a great article (and reference) for firearms.
    6. Educate yourself !!
    7. Stock up and rotate. Buy 2 instead of 1. Spend $5 a week or a month on prepping.
    Prepping is not just about when something catestrophic happens, it is about, getting laid off, long term disability, It is about the quality of life when times are tough.

  28. Pete of the apocalypse

    Interesting read. But point 5 is wrong. You wouldn’t sell silver and buy real estate. When Rome collapsed they taxed land and only excepted gold and silver in tax or took your land. You couldn’t leave your land either as you were made to work it. Serfdom. Buying land limits your options. You are stuck.
    You have 3 choices. If you are royalty, carry on being royalty. If you are a merchant/banker, that’s great too. If you aren’t join the army. Only the military and government bureaucrats were looked after and paid in gold, not fiat money.
    In system collapse the rich need a big military/police force. Be one of the first to join.
    You won’t beat the system and we’ll be waiting for the Barbarians (Chinese most likely) to liberate us from the state.

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