Economic Collapse Survival

To learn what’s REALLY going on in the world and the US, and to get FREE information on how to survive it, click the RED link just below:

During a modern economic collapse (like now), depression, or crash of any kind, it goes without saying you will need to consider both how you are going to protect your wealth and physically survive the crash.

You’ll need survival food among other things to stay alive. In fact, economic collapse survival will depend on your overall level of survival planning – not just your food storage.

AAAAND, You are going to need precious metals whether you know it, like, loathe it or not! Watch the video below to see what Advisor to best selling book series Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mike Maloney says about what gold, and especially silver, are going to do in the coming year or so…

Lets Watch!

Lean More About Silver And Gold Investing

As economic disaster survival is possibly one of the scariest events to prepare for because you are looking at a world collapse, you may have peace of mind in having complete independence once you are totally prepared. And, if you are prepared for the world collapsing, you will be able to weather the storm intact, which is the main idea. And being prepared implies you are ready BEFORE the worst happens.

“Is it not already too late if one waits until one is thirsty to begin digging a well?” – old Chinese proverb


Perhaps THEE most important thing one can do while our currency continues it’s devaluation towards total collapse is: GET YOUR HANDS ON REAL MONEY. Real money in this case would be precious metals. Silver is my favorite and it’s quite cheap and easy to obtain.

At the onset of a world collapse (possibly an economic collapse 2010 or there after) it will be crucial to have a good survival guide or manual. Surviving or survivalism can depend on the level of knowledge you have. Think about it this way: To have a survival guide is to be aware; to be aware is to drastically increase your chances of survival. Bottom line – get a decent economic collapse survival guide! Information is power. If you live in the city, grab yourself an urban survival guide:

Free Economic Collapse Survival Mini-Course

In an economic crisis, survival equipment is key. Economic collapse survival depends on you having practical components in place BEFORE the global collapse. And as economic policy further deteriorates our global condition, getting the right survival gear becomes even more pertinent as you prepare for disaster. Economics and economic history have been leading us down this road for a long time; it is incumbent upon all of us to make preparations.

This blog was created on the premise of economic collapse survival. It’s purpose is to provide education that will help you get prepared for different times as the new world order is pushed ahead and martial law comes into effect in the US and the world. Disaster preparedness can and WILL save your life.

Standing up to the tyranny will require you to protect your money by learning how to buy silver and gold, as the dollar gasps for air. And just as sure as Argentina fell, trend scientist, Gerald Celente, is predicting a coming collapse due to some of the exact same principles – BE READY. But as with any crisis, there will be an incredible wealth transfer and I want to help you get on the right side of it. This is why it it CRUCIAL you find out about precious metals, especially silver bullion,which is going to be the investment of, not a lifetime, not the century, it’s going to be the investment of all known civilization! (Please understand this is NOT an exaggeration) There has never been an event in known history that will come even close to what is about to happen, and that means big things with your investments – good or bad, that’s up to you. (What I mean here, is if you hold on to paper assets, you’re gonna get burned – if you buy silver or gold, you’re gonna reap the profits in a big way)

The old economy is falling and a new economy will emerge but you must survive to see that day. Don’t worry about peak oil, the stock market, or global investments and finance – just focus on the task at hand, which is disaster readiness by getting REAL PHYSICAL SILVER and gold, the security of at least a year’s storage supply of food, clean source of water, emergency medical kit, self defense methods like guns and open hand techniques, renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, and other practical supplies. Become a survivalist in your own right. And think about homesteading if you live in an area where you can do so. Get out of urban areas and get access to land if possible.

So, take heart because there are a lot of people who are waking up and are getting prepared for what’s ahead. Possibly one of the MOST important points I can make about Economic Collapse Survival is to begin, if you have not already, deepening your relationships with the people in your neighborhood and community.

Very few will make it alone, so build your community by becoming an invaluable asset to it and its members. One of the best ways to begin this process is by getting educated about precious metals (especially silver). Below is a link to a very good precious metals resource. You owe it to yourself to survive – and that means educating yourself with the best…

Lean More About Silver And Gold Investing

Thanks For Reading! (RE: survival economic collapse… it is a choice, please choose wisely)

The future belongs to those who prepare for it.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

17 thoughts on “Economic Collapse Survival

  1. Monique Hawkins

    I agree with what you have to say. I believe that many average Americans really has any idea of what is happening. A good book to read on this subject as well is Robery Kyiosaki’s, “Conspiracy of the Rich.”

  2. Christina Reeves

    Very good advice. I’m glad 2 see someone talk about this. If anyone wants to buy gold or silver, do it soon. There is no time to wait around as the dollar gets pulverized… gold and silver will shoot up quickly sometime soon (late 2009 or early 2010) and you will KICK yourself for not getting in now while its dirt cheap. In comparison to where gold and silver are going? you have no idea how cheap it is right now. Get while the gettin’s good :)

  3. rebecca spivey

    Help,I need Help!
    I don’t know weather to buy Gold or Silver.I have a small amount of savings and would like to buy one or the other.
    Which one would be the most helpful when this Economic Inflation and collapse of the dollar occurs?

  4. Hard Times

    This economic calamity will be accompanied by widespread food shortages, involving global fuel cost issues. When there is no food, or the availability to transport it, the value of money rapidly approaches zero, no matter in what form. It really wouldn’t matter how much money a person has or had; money cannot buy what doesn’t exist.

    Even if America cut all exports of foodstuffs, it would still need to import food to maintain existing consumption levels. America has become a massive food-consuming behemoth.

    America, ‘Breadbasket of the World?,’ statistics show there are 43 pounds of stored wheat per person in case of emergency, that’s four and a half months’ worth. The existing global food scarcities are merely the first rumbles of thunder from an impending storm.

    For God’s own Word says, “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.”

    So, you have gold and silver to spend. What will you buy? Food? I’m sure there will always be someone willing to sell food at exploited black-market prices for your gold and silver. Maybe, it would be wiser to invest in items needed for ones personal survival, now, rather than jeopardize ones existence trying to barter metals for food in troubling times.

  5. jeff

    u need to listen to glenn beck, we might be able to change this if we make our elected officals to STOP PRINTING FALSE CURRENCY!! an get a backbone.

  6. Mary Kay Mason

    Hard times said, “America, ‘Breadbasket of the World?,’ statistics show there are 43 pounds of stored wheat per person in case of emergency, that’s four and a half months’ worth.”

    This was ONCE true, but no longer. We now have a three weeks supply of food. Not counting feeding the 30,000,000 illegal aliens.

    Of course we MUST store food, all we can. A 2 yr. supply would be a good start but I do believe ther will be folks willing to barter in silver rounds. There will always be rich and those with jobs, doctors, nurses, firemen, food workers, etc.. I get my Buffalo silver rounds at, they’re fair, fast and the silver has always been excellent quality.
    For more info on preparing please go to

    In His Royal Majesty’s Service,
    Mary Kay

  7. Mary Kay Mason

    Why,….thank you! I will add one thing. I recently felt led of the Lord to sell my extra vehicle and my one carat diamond engagement ring. Of course I didn’t get what I paid for the ring, you never do. But I took that wad and bought silver rounds. When silver’s meteoric gain hits I will be able to purchase a lot more than three cars with my profit!
    You can’t eat jewelry and drastic times call for drastic measures. The foolish and the blind will WAIT until they can see and feel the disaster, but by that time it will be too late. Then almost everyone who’s not rich will start selling their valuables but no one will buy their jewels except for pennies on the worthless dollar.
    I say to you, scrape up every dime, cancel your cable TV, I did, eat more frugally AT HOME, skip the lattes and have a yard sale, then put that money into silver.
    Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

    For complete information on preparing for the 2010 economic collapse check out my website “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!”.

    In Yeshua,
    Mary Kay

  8. Mary Kay Mason

    Jeff said, “u need to listen to glenn beck, we might be able to change this if we make our elected officals to STOP PRINTING FALSE CURRENCY!! an get a backbone.”

    First of all, Glenn Beck refuses to tell the truth, and I know because I’ve followed him since the beginning. He KNOWS the New World Order is the Federal Reserve banksters and the ten central world banks and that they control everything.

    They CONTROL the world’s currency, interest rates, credit and PRINTING. They are in control, not Congress and not the president. That is the mirage they want the sheeple to see, they MAKE this MIRAGE ON TELEVISION. Open your eyes. Google the CFR membership list and you’ll get an idea of who has been bought by the NWO group, called the Biblderbergers Group, a group of about 150 billionares who own US major corporations and 95% of ALL MEDIA, TV, NEWSPAPER AND RADIO.
    Your vote means nothing to them. They own the voting machines. They ARE ALREADY IN CONTROL. If you think you can change this I think you are dreaming. Every American would have to stop paying taxes and be willing to go to jail to fight them, many would die. Do you think our material rich, spoiled society is willing to endure severe hardship? They can’t endure a day without their email!
    Perpare for your family, stop watching Glenn Beck, he’s steering Americans right into their trap.

    In Him,
    Mary Kay

    Check out:
    “The Obama Deception”

    “The Fall Of The Republic”

    “The Dollar Bubble”

  9. Mary Kay Mason

    Buy silver rounds. They will be easier to barter with and trans-act compaed to gold. One gold coin may become worth 4-5K and most purchases will be in the 100′s.{hyper-inflation}
    I buy Buffalo or APMEX silver rounds. They are the least expensive but still .999 silver/one troy oz. Don’t by fancy coins, they have the same silver content and no one will care about fancy pictures on coins during a crisis, just that it’s REAL money.
    I by mine at
    They are safe, fast and have great quality. Everybody knows APMEX.
    Buy in 100′s or more to save money.
    You can buy from a coin dealer but they usually don’t have much, 5-10 a day.

    The norm is .99 to $1.50 over the spot {selling} price.

    Go to my website for complete info on preparing.


    In Jesus,
    Mary Kay

  10. Ian Bradbury


    Thanks all for the comments and information. I have a query with regards to the storage of the silver. Would you have this in a vault somewhere or in your own possession? I’d be concerned about putting it in a vault controlled by someone else, but then i’m new to this so don’t have much information.

    Peace and love


  11. admin Post author

    @Ian I would store it in a vault/safe that is fully in your control. You can get fire-proof safes. You can get ones that you actually cement into the floor of your basement – lots of options. If you can’t do that, you can drywall the silver into the wall – put the silver arounf the pipes so they are more or less hidden from metal detectors (if you’re paranoid :)

    Or bury it in the back yard – so many options but you must have it and be able to access it yourself without needing to rely on anyone else.

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